31 Days of Comics Challenge Day 14: Comic You Love That You’ll Never Read Again

Untold_Tales_of_Spider-Man_18This one was a genuine challenge because one of my favorite things to do is reread comic book stories I’ve read many times before. This is because I’m a big fan of long form storytelling and interesting continuity. So today’s comic is the Untold Tales of Spider-Man. Untold Tales takes place during the early days of Amazing Spider-Man despite coming out in the late 1990s. This is something that happens on a fairly regular basis in comics. (Just today it was announced that there’s going to be a new mini-series that takes place between Amazing Spider-Man #1 & #2.) These pieces of retroactive continuity or ‘retcons’ are commonplace.

What set Untold Tales of Spider-Man apart was writer Kurt Busiek’s flawless plotting. Untold Tales takes place between early issues of Amazing Spider-Man. Reading them together they flow easily despite the fact that they were written 30 years apart. It’s an attention to detail rarely implemented in retcons.

As for why I’ll never read it again, it’s simply a matter of me having way too many other things to read. While I really enjoyed the weaving of modern stories with classic stories, I don’t have any real reason to reread them, but I did thoroughly enjoy them when I did.

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– Jack Cameron