31 Days of Comics Challenge Day 19: A Comic That You Quote From

tmI hate to bring up the same comic book series in the same 31 day challenge, but the comic I quote from quite frequently is Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan. It’s just one of the most endlessly quotable comics I’ve ever read. Spider Jerusalem is simply and endlessly quotable fucker. I mean really:

“Do not offend the chair leg of truth!”
“I don’t trust any of you dogfuckers!”
“I’m going to take a dump the size of a birthday cake.”
“Trust the fuckhead.”
“If I’m unhappy. Everybody’s unhappy.”

And that’s just off the top of my head having not reread the comic on about a year. It’s blisteringly good fun that I insist on reading again and again every few years.

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– Jack Cameron


31 Days of Comics Challenge Day 1: Your Favorite Comic


I’ve decided to take CSBG’s 31 Days of Comics Challenge. Day 1 is your favorite comic. Mine is the one comic I have original artwork from. The wonderful Transmetropolitan. Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson’s five-year 60-issue epic about journalist Spider Jerusalem taking down all phonies and corrupt politicians by being a journalist. The twist? He’s doing this in the distant future. I’ve described Transmetropolitan as ‘Hunter S. Thompson in the Blade Runner universe’ and that’s fairly accurate. The story starts out with Spider hiding up a mountain and ends with him taking down the President of the United States. There’s plenty of humor and violence along the way, but more than anything the series is a searing attack on much of the worst our culture has to offer. Back in a creative writing class I took many years ago we had an assignment of taking a social issue and then projecting it into the future to make a point which is basically what the best sci-fi tends to do. Transmet does that every single issue. While it’s a comic I miss, I’m happy that it had a beginning, middle, and end. Great stuff.

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– Jack Cameron