31 Days of Comics Day 9: A Comic That Blew Your Mind

41109The Maxx was a strange comic book. It was about a homeless guy who called himself Maxx and a social worker named Julie, but sometimes he was a super powerful hero in another world and she was a jungle princess. The bad guy in the series regardless of what plain of existence they were on was a murderer and rapist known only as Mr. Gone. While the comic had managed to flesh out Mr. Gone’s character a bit, for twenty-five issues he was just the Big Bad. He was a rapist and murderer and that was that.

And then there was issue 26. In issue 26, we get the origin of Mr. Gone. We find out about his childhood as a repeated victim of sexual abuse. We find out about his coping mechanisms and how they don’t work. We find out what turns a kid who is a little off into a man who is a monster. And by the end of it, my mind was blown because I actually felt a little bad for him. Sam Kieth and Bill Messner-Loebs had created a masterpiece of storytelling and approached a topic no comic I had ever read ever came near.

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– Jack Cameron