31 Days of Comics Challenge Day 6: Nonfiction Comic You’d Recommend to People Who Don’t Do Nonfiction

baghdadI’m cheating a bit here. I’m choosing a graphic novel about talking lions as ‘non-fiction’, but I’ll explain. In 2006 Brian K. Vaughan and Niko Henrichon came out with The Pride of Baghdad about a group of lions who escape from the Baghdad Zoo during the second Iraq War. The story revolves around the lions trying to survive in the war-torn city. Niko’s art is incredible. It’s like an adult version of The Lion King. So how can I possibly call this ‘non-fiction’? Well, during the Iraq War a group of lions did in fact escape from the zoo. Both the beginning and the end of the story is based on fact. So it’s the perfect non-fiction comic for people who don’t like non-fiction.

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– Jack Cameron