31 Days of Comics Challenge Day 15: A Comic That Makes You Smile

nextwave-agents-of-hate-ultimate-collection-02You’ll notice there are quite a few Warren Ellis comics on this list. That’s not an accident. During the 1990s and early 2000s Warren Ellis was nothing short of revolutionary in the comic book industry. There are comics being made today that owe their existence to Warren Ellis’ innovations.

In 2006, Ellis made what is arguably the most fun comic in Marvel Comics history. Nextwave: Agents of HATE is hard to explain. It’s a super-hero group composed of a bunch of random characters. One is a former Avenger. Another is a robot. Another is a former member of X-Force. The team is crazy and so are their missions. This is super-hero comics meets Big Trouble in Little China.

It’s worth noting that Nextwave wouldn’t be the same with the equally crazy art of Stuart Immonen. There is simply nothing about Nextwave that isn’t fun. (The image is taken from the second issue where the team fights a dragon named Fin Fang Foom.) The only bad part is that it only lasted twelve issues.

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– Jack Cameron