Fun With Marketing

The ad to the left put in Cosmopolitan. It shows a handsome blonde model with cute little puppies…and a bottle of Molson beer. The text reads,  “His address: the intersection of confidence and compassion. His beer: Molson Canadian.”

The same month, Molson placed the ad below in Playboy, FHM and Ramp magazines. This ad talks about the ad in Cosmo. It says that they’ve placed an ad in Cosmo to make the women who read it think positive things about Molson drinkers.

This advetising is both interesting and effective. (Molson’s sales increased 30%.) It doesn’t matter if the ad actually managed to make women think nice things about Molson guys. It only matters that men think that. On top of that, even if you’re a guy who doesn’t believe the ad, it’s still original and highly amusing.


The key thing when it comes to marketing is to make a positive impression. This campaign does that effectively. What’s really interesting is that this is a beer advertisement that doesn’t involve any women in bikinis.

-Jack Cameron