31 Days of Comics Challenge Day 3: Great Adaptation or Remake of Another Work

ultimate spider-manOne of the more difficult things about comics for newcomers is that when it comes to the classics, there is decades of continuity to contend with. Spider-Man hasĀ been Spider-Man since 1962. It can be daunting. In an effort to find new readers, in 2000 Marvel had Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley reboot Spider-Man in the brand new ‘Ultimate Universe’. We all know the origin of Spider-Man but I have to say that Bendis’ version is my absolute favorite. It’s everything that Spider-Man should be. It’s full of teenage angst, diabolical villains, and pure fun. I still own the first five hardback collections of Ultimate Spider-Man. As remakes go, it’s a great one. Unfortunately the Ultimate Universe these days is mired in just as much continuity issues as the regular Marvel Universe, but that’s another story.

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– Jack Cameron