31 Days of Comics Challenge Day 4 First Comic Series You Seriously Pursued

uxm239In Middle School I bought GI Joe comics from time to time to augment my action figure adventures. Then I let my friend Ted borrow them and he lost them. To make up for it, Ted gave me Uncanny X-Men 225-227. Otherwise known as The Fall of the Mutants. I had no idea who or what the X-Men were at the time. These stories by Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri were like nothing I’d ever read. In the space of three issues, these heroes fought Native American gods, dinosaurs, cowboys, robots, and ultimately ended up sacrificing their lives saving the world. It was the most amazing story my twelve-year-old mind had ever read.

Within three months, Ted was asking me about the X-Men because I knew more than him. The first issue I bought on my own was Uncanny X-Men 239 which began another crossover called Inferno. I collected Uncanny X-Men pretty much ever since.

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– Jack Cameron