Tim Robbins as Bob Roberts

My favorite political movie is Bob Roberts. It’s a movie about a folk singing conservative Republican running for Senate. Bob Roberts is played by Tim Robbins, the movie’s star, writer and director. While the song’s are fantastic, you’ll not find them on a soundtrack. Robbins has gone on record as saying he doesn’t want any of the music outside the context of the movie.

Essentially, Bob Roberts is a Mockumentary Satire of right-wing politics. It’s a lot of fun. If only because of all the truth hiding in the fiction. Recently I felt as if I were treated to a new installment of Bob Roberts when I heard Tim Robbins Keynote Speech to the National Association of Broadcasters.

Robbins has been an outspoken Democrat who before the Iraq War, stressed that we should keep looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction. His speech recalls this in the same humorous way Bob Roberts would. It’s nice to see Robbins has lost none of his wit about this. I’d love to see a Bob Roberts/Stephen Colbert mock campaign run.

For those of you who haven’t heard the Tim Robbins speech yet, click here.