31 Days of Comics Challenge Day 17: A Comic That Reminds You Of Someone

ux183Many years ago I got dumped and dumped hard. It wasn’t fun and I didn’t take it well. She had been out of town for a while. And come back in love with someone else. I did what any young man might do and read a bunch of comic books. I read the classic Marvel crossover, Secret Wars where a bunch of heroes and villains are whisked away to a far away planet to do battle. ┬áIt was a good escape.

During Secret Wars, X-Man Colossus falls in love with an alien woman after being injured. In Uncanny X-Men #183 Colossus dumps his girlfriend, Kitty Pryde without much of an explanation. Wolverine takes him out to a bar, gets him drunk and as luck will have it helps him get into a fight with the Juggernaut. At the end of the issue, Wolverine tells Nightcrawler how the way Colossus handled things with Kitty Pryde was absolutely wrong and Wolverine had taken him out to get him in a bar fight to teach him a lesson.

There was a part of my teenaged brain that wished Wolverine knew me and my girlfriend.

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– Jack Cameron