31 Days of Comics Challenge Day 30: A Truly Smart Comic

nn2I picked up Jonathan Hickman’s first comic, Nightly News on a whim. I didn’t know what I was getting into. After over 25 years of reading comics, most issues take me about five minutes to read. I think the first issue of Nightly News took me over an hour.

Nightly News is about corruption, media, government, politics, and conspiracy. It’s a complex story told in a non-linear fashion with an utterly unique method of storytelling. Hickman’s art and design is every bit as amazing as his writing in this debut. It’s easily the most impressive debut of any comic creator I’ve ever seen.

Nightly News is among the densest comics I’ve read. It’s full of information and the information is presented in an unique and easy to understand way. While I enjoy the hell out of Hickman’s work at Marvel, I wish he was still doing books like this.

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– Jack Cameron


31 Days of Comics Challenge Day 10: The Most Beautiful Scene In Any Comic

scyizRsThis is a difficult one because there are a lot of beautiful scenes in a lot of different comics. I mean it’d be easy to choose any number of stunning moments when Storm releases the rain at just the right time or one of those splash pages of Wolverine after a battle, but for this I’ve chosen Secret Warriors #22. Secret Warriors was a series based around a team of teenagers gathered together by Nick Fury. Jonathan Hickman writes Nick Fury better than anyone since Steranko.

The team leader is a girl named Daisy Johnson. During a mission, the youngest team member dies and everything starts falling apart. JT is about to fall into a chasm when Nick Fury grabs him. You can see how that scene ends below. There may be more beautiful scenes in comics, but there is no better Nick Fury moment.


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– Jack Cameron