31 Days of Comics Challenge Day 13: Great Plot Twist

2598945-planetary_12_While I’m a confirmed Marvelite, I have to admit my favorite shared comic book universe was the Wildstorm Universe. I discovered many of my favorite writers and artists reading Wildstorm titles. My favorite one was Planetary. Planetary’s concept was simple: A three person team travels the world uncovering the secret history that others have tried to cover up. It began with an indestructible woman named Jakita Wagner recruiting a white haired man named Elijah Snow. She explains that everyone on the team gets paid a million dollars a year for the rest of their life. She introduces him to the third member of the team, The Drummer. Who funds all of this? Who do they work for? They work for the Fourth Man.

For the first eleven issues of Planetary, writer Warren Ellis and artist John Cassaday do some great world building, all the while dropping hints and clues as to the identity of the Fourth Man. And then, in issue twelve, Elijah Snow figures it all out and confronts the other two members of the team. It’s all led up to this, which is why Cassaday’s cover containing literally every page of the first eleven issues is perfect. The best part is that this is just the half way point of the series. Once they reveal who the Fourth Man is, it really gets going.

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– Jack Cameron