31 Days of Comics Challenge Day 16: A Comic That Makes You Cry

Avengers_The_Initiative_Vol_1_27There aren’t a lot of comics that hat have made me cry, but Avengers The Initiative #27 is one of them. Avengers The Initiative was an interesting series. It was basically Avengers in training. However, during this era, the Powers That Be are Norman Osborn. Bad guys are running things. So bad things are happening.

Avengers The Initiative #27 concerns two Z-List super-villains named Doc Sax & Johnny Guitar. Both are villains that originated from series from the late 1970s/early 1980s called Dazzler. They end up being recruited onto a team called the Shadow Initiative.

Christos Gage’s script is surprising as he takes these characters that most people didn’t even remember and gives them a full back story of two down on their luck musicians who try to make good and continually fail. Johnny Guitar just wants to give a good life to his daughter who lives with his ex-wife. ┬áHe thinks he’s finally got his shot working for the government when he learns that the team he’s on is essentially cannon fodder. He sets things up so that his death will result in his daughter being taken care of and dies in a battle saving his friend Doc Sax. It’s sad and poignant.

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– Jack Cameron