31 Days of Comics Challenge Day 12: Great Holiday Comic

258416There’s a bit of a tradition when it comes to holiday comics. Most stories are completely light-hearted silly romps around Christmas time. Of course some people went the other way. In the 1990s there were a few Punisher Christmas Specials which had as much to do with Christmas as the first Lethal Weapon.

However, for a ‘great holiday comic’, I’m going to have to go with the very first comic ever published by Blackball Comics (to my knowledge they actually only ever published two comic book issues). I’m talking about The Trencher X-Mas Bites Holiday Blowout from 1994.

Trencher was a comic written and drawn by Keith Giffen. The concept was simple. Trencher was sent from Heaven by God to retrieve a bunch of souls that had been put into the wrong bodies. The result is that the ‘hero’ of the comic is basically just killing innocent people in order to get their souls back into the afterlife. It’s an insane premise. Luckily, the rest of the comic book is just as insane.

Two hard boiled detectives are on the trail of Trencher but in the middle of the comic, there’s a letter from the editor saying the gruff, tough-as-nails, male detective has been done to death and insists that the characters be changed to female detectives for variety’s sake. The very next page has the same two gruff, tough-as-nail detectives…in drag. There’s also a story called ‘By My Buttocks Betrayed’. If you’re looking for a serious comic, this isn’t it. If you’re looking for serious fun, look no further.

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