31 Days of Comics Challenge Day 18: A Comic That Deserves A Soundtrack

Casanova_(comic_book)_issue_1When I think of ‘a comic that deserves a soundtrack’, I think of a comic that has so much atmosphere and attitude that when you read it, you can almost hear the music. Matt Fraction’s Casanova is most certainly that.

Casanova came out at a time when stories that could be told in one issue were told in six. It was called ‘writing for the trade’. Casanova was the opposite of that. Sure, it still had story arcs that fit well in a trade paperback/graphic novel format, but more happened in the space of one issue than typically happened in a year of your average superhero series.

In the first issue Casanova Quinn, black sheep of a family of spies attends his super-spy sister’s funeral only to be thrust into a parallel dimension where he’s dead and his sister is the black sheep. It only gets stranger from there.

The swagger of this entire series is such that I can already hear the music but somehow it’s like nothing I’ve ever heard.

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– Jack Cameron