31 Days of Comics Challenge Day 8: A Gorgeous Comic

kcI’m mostly a Marvel Guy so there aren’t a lot of DC Comics that will end up on my list. But one of the most beautiful comic books I own is Kingdom Come. After wowing everyone with his painted comic book art that took at look at Marvel’s past, Alex Ross took a look at DC’s future. The result was the ultimate battle of the Justice League against the Legion of Doom along with a fair attack on the overabundance of violence that pervaded the comics in the 1990s. Mark Waid’s well researched and full of twists and turns. (The moment where Superman disappears on Batman and Batman says, “So that’s what it feels like.” is priceless.)┬áBut more than anything, it’s the art that makes Kingdom Come what it is. None of these come off as comic book characters, they come off as people and that’s all due to Ross’ amazing art.

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