Books and Stories

You can purchase my work at any of the links below:


15 Minute Stories

Thirty-four short stories each written in 15 Minutes with 15-minute illustrations by Ossaín Ávila Cárdenas. Currently available at The Nearsighted Narwhal and Destiny City Comics. You can also purchase it from at this link.


Creative Colloquy Vol. 1

I contributed a short story to this anthology of short stories. It’s a short story called ‘Ride Along’ in which a young man goes on a ride along with a cocky Tacoma cop.

Valentine’s Day Massacre at the Narwhal

This album features a series of noir audio short stories and moody jazz. You can find my short story ‘Run Away’ on this album read by me.


Ruin Your Life

The book written to remind people that if you’re going to do something wrong, do it right. This is a guidebook to bad behavior. It’s not self-help. It’s self-destruct. Get the book my own father won’t allow in his house.

Coming Soon:
Kickstarting Your Kickstarter Campaign
A Better Lie

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