My First Book Is Going Out of Print And That’s A Good Thing


It was 2006. I wrote a book about all the mistakes of my 20s. It was fun to research, write, and release. I had dozens of conversations with people I might never have met otherwise. At one point, I even had a meeting with a producer from Hollywood about making a Ruin Your Life movie.

Ruin Your Life is meant to be a humorous manual of bad but not hurtful behavior. For the most part I think it still succeeds in that.  But there are portions of the book that I find myself unable to defend. Initially I thought this would mean cutting the objectionable parts and reissuing it, but I think cutting parts out of Ruin Your Life runs contrary to the spirit of the book. So I think the responsible thing for me to do at this point is stop publishing it. I have contacted my publisher to have the book be taken out of circulation. It will be out of print and I doubt I will be putting it back in print.

Ruin Your Life had a good run. It sold hundreds of physical copies and thousands of digital copies. I’m happy for the experiences that happened as a result of that book and apologize to anyone who was hurt by anything I said in the book. As always, the reason I portrayed things one way or another was I thought it would be funny. No harm was meant.

For anyone still wanting to get a copy, it is still available on Amazon as I write this. By this time next week it definitely will not be and it could be gone any time between now and then.

Thank you, everyone for your support. Rest assured that my next book, a novel will be out by this time next year at the absolute latest.
– Jack Cameron


The End of Ruin Your Life

Almost exactly three years ago, I published Ruin Your Life. It had taken me the better part of five years to put it all together and when it was done, I was proud of the result. Ruin Your Life did not go on to become a worldwide bestseller, but it was never meant to.

It did succeed in making me a few dollars and selling a few hundred copies. And for a book with no distribution deal and a marketing plan that consisted of word of mouth and some stickers, I’m astonished by the results.

Ruin Your Life has gone throughout the country and the world. There are copies in Afghanistan and Iraq. There are copies in prisons. And people are still buying copies of it. That’s fairly impressive, all things considered.

I’ve done what I set out to do with Ruin Your Life and I’m ready for what’s next. This is why I’ve chosen to stop publication of Ruin Your Life. New copies will no longer be sold by and the digital copy is no longer available. For those of you who have copies, thank you for buying them and enjoy the fact that you now own an out of print book. For those of you still interested in Ruin Your Life, I do still have a handful of copies left in my possession. If you’re interested, you can click the Ruin Your Life tab above and buy one. I’m still selling it for $5.00 plus shipping.

Contrary to the headline, this isn’t the end of Ruin Your Life. Eventually I’m sure I’ll do something else with it, but this is the end for now.

Thanks for all of the support.


Ruin Your Life For Less Than Ever Before

A while back, I published Ruin Your Life. I’ve frequently called it a book celebrating all the mistakes of my twenties. The feedback I got on the book was amazing. It was all positive. People in the military liked it. People in prison liked it. Ex-girlfriends liked it. My wife liked it. My dad wanted it out of his house. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t all positive, but my point is that this is a book that people have gone out of their way to talk to me about and that makes me very happy.

Ruin Your Life while both fun and funny was a very personal book for me and so I wanted to have complete control of it. That’s why I chose to self-publish it. Don’t worry, it’s not chock full or formating and grammatical errors. I got an editor and I made sure all my margins were right.There were really only two problems with going the self-publishing route.

One was that any and all marketing has to be done by me and my limited budget. I’ve had to get a bit creative on this and I’m doing my best to spread the word. (This means if you like the book, please tell your friends and your friend’s friends.)

The other was that due to printing costs, I had to sell my book for honestly more than I thought it was worth. When it first came out, copies of my book were $15.95. It’s a 240 page paperback. I thought that price was at least $3.00 more expensive than it should have been, but any less and I would have lost money on every copy I sold. On the bright side, I still sold a couple hundred copies even at that price. A few months ago, my printing costs went down and I was able to knock it down to $12.95. I felt much more comfortable with that and the sales reflected the more reasonable price.

Now I’m proud to announce that I am able to lower the price even further. You can now buy new copies of Ruin Your Life for $9.95 each. This is the price I’ve always thought Ruin Your Life should sell at. In facet, I’m so confident that Ruin Your Life is worth $9.95 that if you buy a copy from me and you don’t feel it’s worth it, send it back and I will REFUND THE PRICE OF THE BOOK to you.

Then again, maybe you’re one of those people who doesn’t buy something even with a money back guarantee. Well, in that case, just click the Ruin Your Life tab above and you can read the entire book for FREE online.

I’ll be honest. I have no expectation to get rich off this book. I’ve got a day job and I don’t have trouble paying my bills. What I want is people to read and enjoy my book. And I’m much more afraid of obscurity than I am of piracy. So read and share Ruin Your Life. Tell your friends. If you end up hating it, tell your enemies. Write up a review of the book and I’ll post a link to it on this site.

Thanks for the interest and thanks for reading.


Ruin Your Life is now $9.95.

Buy it from me and I’ll refund the price of the book if you don’t like it and return the book.

Don’t want to buy the book and still want to read it? You can click the Ruin Your Life tab above and read the .pdf version for FREE.

-Jack Cameron

The Ruin Your Life Post Game Show Part 1

Last year I published my first book. Since I’d never done that before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be taking a look at the making and aftermath of my book, Ruin Your Life.


I’m going to start by talking about the response to the book.


Part 1 Feedback


When I published Ruin Your Life, my main hope wasn’t to make a bunch of money. It was to get a reaction. In that regard, I was very successful.


My mom thought it was great and bought copies for all her friends, but she’s my mom. Of course she liked it. My dad read some of it and decided he couldn’t have a book like that in his home. This is just one of the things that happens when you have a born again Christian father and a lesbian mother. Family of course is no test for this sort of thing though. They’re going to behave how they always have.


Friends aren’t much better in that regard. Most friends told me they loved it, even if some of them probably didn’t read it. All friends told me they’d buy a copy and those who haven’t to this day will still say they’re going to buy a copy. But really, these are friends. If they buy a copy of my book or not, they’re still friends. And I know they’re not going to tell me my book sucks.


And then the president of the company I work for decided to buy a copy of the book for every employee there. This was fantastic, except that now everyone I worked with would be reading my thoughts about getting drunk, doing drugs, and fucking the wrong women. This isn’t exactly information you usually want your supervisors to have. At the same time though, this was good in that it put the book in the hands of people who know me but might not like me. In other words, people who would tell me the truth.


The feedback I received was interesting. For one, I’ve apparently written a book that people like to pick up and read random chapters of. One coworker read it to her boyfriend while they were on a road trip. For another, people seemed to really enjoy reading the book. One of my wife’s coworkers sent it to her brother in prison. She told me he said, “I now know where I went wrong.”


The thing that surprised me the most was the amount of people who responded to my book by telling me how much they enjoyed it and that they had never finished a book before. I heard this from no less than five people. It seems I’ve written a book for people who don’t like books. It’s at this point that I’m glad I wasn’t banking my retirement on this book because from a marketing standpoint, I’m not sure how to sell that one. I mean it’s hard for bookstores to sell to people who don’t go to bookstores.


I was approached by a production company to turn Ruin Your Life into a movie, but I just didn’t see it as a movie and the production company seemed a little shady. They wanted a piece of the book profits and since they had nothing to do with making the book, I couldn’t imagine why I would do that.


While I’m satisfied with how Ruin Your Life turned out, I’m still convinced that the book has more legs than it has shown so far. That’s one of the reasons I’m lowering the cover price and planning a few other things.


I’m all out of the signed and numbered editions, but I’m still selling copies of the book. If you’re interested in buying a copy, click the Ruin Your Life tab above.


And if you’ve already read Ruin Your Life and want to let me know what you think, don’t hesitate to write me at


Thanks for reading.