Better Know A Candidate: Seth Moulton

Seth_MoultonWelcome to the first installment of Better Know A Presidential Candidate. Each week I’m going to talk about one Presidential candidate and explain to you who they are and why they are a better choice than Donald J. Trump. I figured I would start with one of the lesser known contenders. His name is 40-year-old Seth Moulton.

Seth Moulton is currently a member of the House of Representatives for Massachusetts. He went to Harvard. He’s a Marine who did four tours in Iraq. He became disillusioned with the war because he recognized that George W. Bush had started the war on a lie. He chose to continue his service to his country by running for Congress and was elected in 2014. He is a member of the Budget Committee, the Armed Services Committee and Investigations Subcommittee. Now he’s running for President of the United States.

I like that he’s a military veteran. While I never served, I respect those who have. I come from a family with veterans. I believe those who served in the military recognize the concept of service to one’s country on a level that Donald Trump will die never knowing. This is another thing that makes Moulton someone I’d be happy to see facing off against Trump, who has never behaved in any way that would cause someone to think he is not a coward.

Another aspect of Moulton’s campaign that sets him apart from many of his Democratic contemporaries is his eagerness to talk about foreign policy and how badly Trump has damaged America at home and abroad with his foreign policy blunders. (If you want to hear Bernie Sanders say “Uh…” ask him any question about foreign policy.)

I don’t know that Moulton will be able to beat out the field of far more well known candidates, but I would have no problem with him being the Democratic nominee. Here’s a bit more about him.

– Jack Cameron

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