18 Days of Movie Reviews #6: Grabbers


After the disappointment of Under The Skin, I decided to try something similar but decidedly different. Like Under The Skin, Grabbers is about a small town in Western Europe attacked by aliens who are killing people off one by one. That’s about where the similarities end. Instead of Northern Scotland, it’s a small Irish Isle. And instead of Scarlett Johansson, it’s tentacle monsters. And instead of art house schlock, it’s silly monster movie schlock.

Grabbers starts off with something falling from space and a nearby fishing boat finding it. The fishing crew is quickly dispatched. Later, a local lobster catcher finds a tentacle monster in a cage. Meanwhile, a couple of cops find a bunch of dead whales on the beach.

Richard Coyle is our hero. He plays a continually drunk cop on the island who has been temporarily paired with a young attractive cop from Dublin played by Ruth Bradley. These two soon find that everyone on the small island is in danger. The only thing that seems to stop these monsters is alcohol.

What follows is a typical by-the-numbers monster movie with the added fun that everyone is locked up in the pub getting drunk in order to avoid being killed and eaten by the monster. Grabbers clearly aspires to be an alien monster version of Shaun of the Dead or an Irish version of Attack The Block.  It doesn’t quite reach those levels of mayhem and hilarity but it’s an enjoyable enough ride with a handful of laugh out loud parts.

Grabbers never takes itself too seriously and that works heavily in its favor. It’s fun and silly and every now and then really bloody. Good stuff.

Grabbers is currently available on Netflix of you can purchase Grabbers at this link. 

Tomorrow’s Review: The Great Raid


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