15 Minute Story #1: The Beating

The Beating1

After the third punch I don’t really feel it. The first one was expected. After what I’d said and how much we had drank, it seemed inevitable that we would come to blows, but I figured I could take him. That first punch hit me in the jaw. I went for a gut punch and was surprised how quickly he dodged it. This left me wide open. The second punch was right in the nose. It was then I knew I was going to lose the fight. I managed to land a few of my own but I was on the ground within thirty seconds and then there were kicks. (He was really mad.) The bartender pulled him back and kicked him out. He handed me a bar towel and told me to get cleaned up. I guess some would say I deserved it, but really the beating was longer than the conversation:

He said, “Those new Star Trek movies suck. But at least Abrams is off the project.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Abrams made Star Trek cool.”

“Really, pal? Abrams is a hack!”

“What can I say? I love lens flare.”

And then he hit me.

Words by Jack Cameron
Illustration by Ossaín Ávila Cárdenas

About 15 Minute Stories
It’s good for writers to write every day, but it’s easy for life to get in the way of that. One solution I read about recently was to write a 15 minute piece of short fiction every single day for a month. You may not have time to do NaNoWriMo every month, but if you like writing, you can always find 15 minutes.

So for the month of January, I’ll be writing and posting pieces of very short fiction that I took 15 minutes to write. I’ve asked that my friend, Ossaín Ávila Cárdenas join me by taking 15 minutes to draw an accompanying image for each story.  Ossaín is one of the owners of a local zine shop in Tacoma called The Nearsighted Narwhal

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