Man Takes Break From Social Media Plunged Into Productivity

SocialMediaI’m a big fan of social media. The ability to instantly share and discuss information with friends, relatives, and strangers is incredibly attractive to me. It’s also a time suck that has almost addictive like properties for me. There are projects I want to complete that are taking far longer than they should.

There are many reasons for this but one of them is because I’m busy on Facebook arguing about the validity of the state of Palestine with a former coworker who once insisted I wash the dishes at the restaurant because the acid he was on made it seem like they were melting. It occurred to me that there might be better uses of my time.

Initially I stopped arguing with people on pages that weren’t mine. I resisted the urge to tell people they are wrong on the Internet. I reminded myself that not only are there far too many people out there with ill-informed and stupid opinions, but that telling them they are wrong is a fairly thankless and endless job that rarely results in anyone’s mind being changed.

However, I would still engage with those who were wrong on my page. If I posted something and you disagreed with it, I would argue the point both because I believed I was right and because I was interested in any information someone else might have that might prove me wrong.

It turned out that even with this restriction, I was spending far too much time paying attention to Facebook and Twitter. This was time I should be spending doing pretty much anything else.

Social media isn’t pointless and it does have its uses, but what had happened was this: I was letting my social media activity dictate my online activity rather than the other way around.

And so I’ve given myself a self-imposed break from social media. I’m not going to pay attention to most other people’s posts and I’m not going to post anything except links to my work outside of social media.

I’ll go back to posting regularly in September but the plan at this point is to limit those posts if for no other reason than everything I write on Facebook belongs to Facebook.

In the meantime, this will give me time when I’m online to update this site,, and others. I just became a contributor over at The rest of my creative time will be devoted to getting my long awaited crime novel ready for publication.

– Jack Cameron


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