The Return of Ruin Your Life

FrontCoverSeven years ago I published Ruin Your Life. I called it my ‘self-destruct book’. What had started as a series of articles on a long defunct website had become a guidebook to doing all the wrong things the right way. My mother bought ten copies and handed it out to friends. My father read it and the following week, politely asked that I remove his copy from his home. My friends bought copies. Four separate friends who I’d never known to own books told me it wasn’t only the first book they’d ever owned, it was the first book they’d ever finished. People bought copies and gave them as gifts. My employer at the time chose to buy a copy for every employee of the company. Most enjoyed it, some quietly placed copies on my desk. At one point I even met with a producer about optioning Ruin Your Life for a movie.

Ruin Your Life is a book that it seems is either loved or reviled. I’ve heard from people who just open to random chapters and read when they’re bored. I’ve also heard from people who think I’m a terrible human being for writing any of it.

A few years ago I let the paperback edition of Ruin Your Life go out of print. I felt that it had run its course and that as long as the digital copy was still available those who hadn’t had the chance to purchase it could still enjoy it.

And then I got a call from an old friend. He was starting up a new publishing endeavor and wanted to know if I wanted to bring back Ruin Your Life to include in his catalog. This coincided with a handful of others asking if I had any spare paperback copies available. (I don’t.) Still, I wasn’t sure it was a good idea.

I thought about whether or not I wanted to add some new chapters or something, but the truth is I didn’t have anything more to say on that particular topic. Ruin Your Life has chapters about lying, cheating, buying drugs, talking to cops, having affairs, and driving like a maniac among other things. The chapters missing from the book are chapters that simply weren’t good enough to include them.

I buy a lot of DVDs and I’m not a fan of when studios double-dip and come out with some new edition that has all this extra stuff. I already spent the money the first time around. The changes I’ve made to Ruin Your Life are mostly cosmetic ones. If you already have a paperback copy of Ruin Your Life, I’ll be the first to tell you that there’s no reason to buy this new edition.

That said, if you don’t have a paperback copy or you do but want to give one to a friend. You should let me know right now. I’m publishing an new edition of Ruin Your Life and for you viewers of my website, I’ll sign copies and send them to you myself at less than you can buy the paperback when it’s available on

So if you’re looking for a signed copy of the new paperback edition of Ruin Your Life click the button below.


For more excerpts, memes, and other related fun, go to the official Ruin Your Life Facebook Page:

–          Jack Cameron


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