31 Days of Comics Challenge Day 29: A Comic That Changed The Way You See The World

DMZ_-1_page01_panel01This one isn’t easy. Some of the comics that changed the way I see the world I’ve already mentioned in previous posts. When I really think about it though, I’d have to go with Brian Wood’s epic post apocalyptic ‘love letter’ to New York City, DMZ.

DMZ takes place in the not too distant future. America’s Second Civil War between the United States Government and the ultra-right wing militia calling themselves the ‘Free States’ has turned America into a bit of a nightmare. The ware is most heavily felt in the hugely contested New York City which has been turned into a No Man’s Land war zone.

The story centers around amateur journalist Matty Roth who gets dropped into the chaos of Manhattan and never leaves. As the story unfolds, writer Brian Wood touches on various aspects of New York City and of our current political landscape. Much of what he writes about seems like he’s taking pages out of recent history until you realize that this was published before many of the things he’s talking about happened.

It’s a comic book with no super-heroes and no easy answers. And it gave me an insight into the Free State mentality that isn’t too far off from many right wingers these days.

For more on the 31 Days of Comics Challenge click here.

Tomorrow: A Truly Smart Comic

– Jack Cameron


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