31 Days of Comics Challenge Day 27: A Comic You’ve Read The Most Times

x-men1It’s no surprise to anyone that the comic I’ve read most is an X-Men comic. It’s the comic book that the movie X-Men 2 was supposedly based on. I say supposedly because X-Men 2 has almost no resemblance to the graphic novel X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills.

God Loves, Man Kills starts out with two children being murdered and strung up on a playground simply because they are mutants. Magneto finds them. At the time I first read it, I didn’t realize the multiple dimensions of Magneto as a character. He was just a villain. But right from the start of this, we see Magneto as a man of compassion for his people. We understand his motivation for fighting humans. In many ways, it makes more sense that Xavier’s insistence on working with them.

The story progresses with a group of X-Men including Xavier being captured by a Reverend Stryker. He treats mutants as an abomination to God. This culminates in a confrontation in a crowded arena. It’s one of the best Magneto moments ever. This book is a masterpiece and a great read thanks to writer Chris Claremont and artist Brent Anderson doing some of the best work of their careers.

God Loves, Man Kills-51

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Tomorrow: Comic For Kids

– Jack Cameron


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