31 Days of Comics Challenge Day 25: A Comic From A Favorite Creator

sovereign-seven36Like most kids, when I started collecting comics it was all about the characters. Eventually I noticed that not every Wolverine story was great and the reason for that was the creators. Some artists just don’t do the sort of art I enjoy. Some writers just don’t understand the characters they’re writing. This resulted in me paying attention to who is writing and who is drawing.

My first favorite creator was Chris Claremont. He wrote Uncanny X-Men for 17 years. It’s safe to say that without Chris Claremont, there would be no X-Men movies. In the early 1990s Claremont left Marvel due to creative differences. After a bit, he ended up working at Marvel’s competition doing a creator owned book called Sovereign Seven. It ran for 36 issues until Marvel wooed him back to them.

Sovereign Seven was about a group of heroes each from different doomed dimensions. Each other their worlds had been destroyed by the same thing. They had formed to put a stop to it. The characters were interesting and most of them were different enough that they didn’t entirely feel like recreated X-Men characters. Almost every issue had a pop culture cameo which was kind of amusing and it was a fun little book. It’s the only DC book I own the full run of. Good stuff.

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Tomorrow: A Guilty Pleasure Comic

– Jack Cameron


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