31 Days of Comics Challenge Day 22: A Comic That Makes You Wanna Have Sloppy Makeouts With Someone

daredevil61_17ocuiAccording to the list, this means a comic that turns you on but isn’t pornographic. My answer may be influenced by the fact that I just reread this run this past week. But I have to admit that while Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev’s Daredevil run is exciting, pulpy, and fun to read, it’s also sexy as hell. Bendis manages to repeatedly incorporate the various incredibly hot girls that blind Matt Murdock has managed to bed over the years and even introduces a new one in the form of Milla.

Whether it’s Elektra, Black Widow, Milla, or even crazy Typhoid Mary, Maleev draws each of them with such grace and oozing sexuality that you can’t help but be impressed. Sure, it’s stylized female stereotypes and they pretty much all have the same body, but there’s a reason they do it that way. It looks good. And at least Maleev’s art isn’t gratuitous. It’s just enough. And that’s a turn on.

Tomorrow: The First Comic You Ever Bought

For more information on the 31 Days of Comics Challenge click here.

– Jack Cameron


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