31 Days of Comics Challenge Day 21: A Comic You Used To Love But Now Dislike

x-factor-1This is a genuine challenge as I can’t think of a comic I loved and then no longer loved. I’m going to go with the early issues of first volume of X-Factor. When I first read the opening issues of X-Factor I was 12 and didn’t know anything about it except that these were the original five X-Men forming their own team again. This worked because at the time there were three X-Men books. New Mutants had the teenager team in training. Uncanny X-Men was the main team. And then X-Factor was the veteran team.

At the time I hadn’t read the Dark Phoenix Saga. I didn’t really know the full story of what went on with Madelyne Pryor or how Jean Grey had come back to life. Unfortunately the revelation that Cyclops abandoned his wife and infant the moment he found out that his ex-girlfriend was alive again really makes it hard to enjoy Cyclops as a character during those early issues.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not sure I could go so far as saying I dislike it, but it does have some significant problems.

For more information on the 31 Days of Comics Challenge click here.

– Jack Cameron



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