31 Days of Comics Challenge Day 20: A Comic With Witty Dialogue

Criminal-Coward-p15Shortly after Ed Brubaker did Sleeper, he did an independent comic called Criminal. One of the problems with the comic book industry is that 90% of the comics out there are super-hero comics. It wasn’t always that way and there are those like Brubaker who are fighting to change the tide with comics like Criminal.

As the name implies, Criminal is a crime comic. It’s pure pulp noir and the dialogue shows that off. Reading Criminal is like diving into a world where everyone is both a victim and a perpetrator. It’s like House of Cards without the facade. Every issue feels like an old Raymond Chandler novel. The first arc, called ‘Coward’, is actually being turned into a movie. Here’s hoping they keep as much of the dialogue as they can.

For more information on the 31 Days of Comics Challenge, click here. 

– Jack Cameron


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