Why I’m Leaving Facebook

In recent months most of my online activity has been focused on Facebook. I haven’t twittered much. Nothing much has happened on this or my TacomaStories.com site. Really, if you didn’t check out my Facebook page, you’d hardly know I was online, but all of that is changing. And I know I’m not alone.

This morning I watched the video below regarding what’s wrong with Facebook. It echoed many of my own thoughts lately. Go ahead and take the time to watch it. I’ll be here.

The ads have only gotten more and more prevalent on Facebook and more often than not I’m forced to click on my friend’s page and scroll through their posts to actually see what they’ve posted because quite often it doesn’t show up in my feed. And I know people who like my page do the same thing because all of a sudden I’ll get ten likes on ten different posts in ten minutes.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only problem. As noted in this video, so called ‘like farms’ in the third world not only cause things you actually like to be filtered out since only a fraction of their audience sees what they post, but these ‘like farms’, in order to avoid detection, are literally clicking ‘like’ on every ad they see, effectively  making advertising on Facebook useless.

So what’s to be done? I want to continue to post content online but I want it to go to everyone who wants to see it. Facebook has made it abundantly clear that this isn’t something they’re very good at doing. Not only that but if someone who likes my page goes on vacation for two weeks, they’re likely to miss out on posts because finding old Facebook posts is like trying to find your own log of shit in a sewage treatment plant.

Deleting my Facebook account isn’t a good option because while I’m ready to leave other friends and family aren’t and no matter how much I might want them to, there are those who only check Facebook for anything. Luckily, other programs talk to Facebook just fine. So I’ve linked my @jackcameron Twitter account to Facebook. This means that anything I say on Twitter gets posted on Facebook without me having to do anything. This will effectively keep daily activity on my page without my actually having to post anything on Facebook.

(Side note: The one area where Facebook works better than anywhere else is letting close personal friends and family all know about a major event. When I was in the hospital, it was a simple matter to post updates there where friends and family could see but the general public could not.)

Of course Twitter isn’t the only alternative and as this post demonstrates, sometimes I want to say something a little longer than 140 characters. Since I can be a bit of an organizational neat freak, I made the following flow chart:
OnlineContentFlowchartThe result is basically that I’ll be posting much more on here and on TacomaStories as well as posting on Twitter. And Facebook becomes a much smaller part of my daily online life.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ll still check in on Facebook and comment on things when someone is wrong on the Internet, but it’s time that I control the content and who gets to see it.

What are your thoughts on Facebook, social media, and online presence in general?


4 thoughts on “Why I’m Leaving Facebook

  1. Like my recent thoughts of leaving AT&T I am considering. I haven’t played much with Google+, what do you think about their service?

  2. Of course the first thing after your blog is an ad; it’s a full commercial, actually.

    Facebook drives me crazy! I’ll be scrolling through my stripped list of posts and find I want to reference something near the top of the wall. Naturally, I scroll up for it, but Facebook has helpfully removed it from view! Who are they to decide what I want to see?

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