31 Days of Comics Challenge Day 7: Your Comfort Comic

sleeperIf you want to hook me, give me stories where the main character is in a morally ambiguous no-win situation. They don’t get more no-win than Sleeper. While technically a super-hero book (because people have powers and it’s in a super-hero filled universe), Sleeper has its heart in noir crime fiction. Sleeper is the story of a guy who is deep undercover with some seriously dangerous people. He’s so deep undercover that only one guy knows he’s not a traitor. And that one guy? Just got shot and is in a coma. So now he has no orders and no way out. Things only get murkier from there. For 24 issues, Brubaker and Phillips take us on one of the most morally ambiguous epic rides I’ve ever read. These two would later go one to do other awesome noir crime comics like Criminal, Incognito, and Fatale.

Click here for more information on the 31 Days of Comics Challenge.

– Jack Cameron


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