Apathy Now! (Or How To Get Young People To Stop Voting)


Here is an Open Letter to Mr. Russell Brand regarding his so-called ‘revolution’:

Mr. Brand,

This is an open letter thanking you. During your recent guest stint at the New Statesman, you could have told young people about the power of voting or advocated they actually DO something to stop the blatant and global corruption that most of Western Civilization finds rampant in their government. Instead you advocated apathy and avoiding voting at all. Well done, sir. Where should we send the check?

When you said in your Apathy Manifesto in The New Statesman that, “I don’t vote because to me it seems like a tacit act of compliance.” my friends and I couldn’t believe it. What a great idea. Telling people not to vote because that’s just what THEY want you to do is a stroke of sheer brilliance. Bravo!

Me and my friends have been trying for YEARS to come up with a way to get young people to tune out of the political process and stop trying to get involved. Little did we know, all we needed was a reasonably successful comedian to just advocate that doing nothing is actually a political statement. If we would have known this, we would have told Dennis Miller to do it back in the 1990s and stopped Bill Clinton from ever getting into office.

Here’s hoping your ‘revolution’ catches on. If you can get young people to lose interest in voting you might be the Great White Hope we’ve been waiting for.  Keep telling them how the system is broken beyond all repair and that apathy is a solution. Keep telling them there’s nothing they can do because things are so bad. We’ll keep doing all the things you hate with less interference.

Once again, THANK YOU. You’re recent Messiah Complex tour was aptly named. You may have saved the Republican Party here in the States.

–          Just Another Super Rich Right Wing White Guy


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