A Republican Candidate

My fellow Americans, I’d like to ask you a favor. I’d like to ask that you forget most of what you’ve heard from the Republican Party over the last few years. In 2008 we nominated the governor from the great state of Alaska as the running mate for John McCain’s Presidential Campaign. She was plain spoken like the outgoing Republican President. She lacked experience. But she had moxie. Sarah Palin was a shot in the arm to the Republican Party. And unfortunately, like so many drug addicts have done, we mistook that rush for something positive and began to lose everything we hold dear, all the while saying that we’re just fine.

I’ve read my bible. I’ve gone to church. And at that church I have learned a lesson so many of my party seemed to have forgotten: Hate the sin, not the sinner. One of our greatest freedoms is our freedom of religion. My love for Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior cannot be stopped by authorities in the government. And no matter how much I believe Him to be the Truth, the Light, and the Way that freedom of religion affords everyone in this country the right to believe whatever they want just like I do. No matter your sin, you are welcome in our country. No matter your sin, you’re welcome in my church. In church I will tell you where I feel you’ve lost your way. But in office, I will simply live my life according to my Savior’s teachings in the hope that my example inspires you to do the same. If it does not, my response should not be to try to legislate you to do so, but to work harder to be a better example.

The Republican Party should not be the party that tries to tell you what to do in your bedroom.  The Republican Party should not be the party that tells you who you can and cannot marry. We are not the party the invades your private life.

The Republican Party has traditionally stood for individual responsibility. This means we believe in you, the American People to make the best decisions for yourself and for our country. This is why we are so firm on our right to bare arms.

A woman testifies before Congress about contraception. Rush Limbaugh calls her a ‘slut’. Not one Republican stood up for that woman. During the primaries at a presidential debate people applauded when it was suggested someone without healthcare be left to die in the street. Not one candidate admonished the crowd. John Boehner said that he would try to stop any legislation with Obama’s name on it regardless of merit. Not one Republican stood up to say that was wrong.

We have become a party of bullies, elitists, and thugs. And that’s not who we are or what we should be about. Yes, in the Southern states and elsewhere you’ll always get applause if you talk about keeping gays out of the military. You’ll also get applause if you offer each and every one of them a car. That doesn’t make it good political policy.

The Republican Party used to stand up for what was right in America. Now we stand up to put down gays, women, and anyone who isn’t a Republican. We refuse to work with Democrats for fear it will make us look weak and because we don’t want to give the Democrats a ‘win’. We do these things and pretend like we’re statesmen when we aren’t. Not anymore.

I come before you to say that this is not the Republican Party I represent or want to be a part of. I come here to denounce the Sarah Palins with their style over substance, the Glenn Becks with their paranoia and fear over facts and reality, and the Rush Limbaughs with their self important hate mongering. I come before you to announce that the Republican Party I stand for believes in everyone paying their fair share of taxes from the poor to the rich. The Republican Party I stand for believes in responsible government regulation without over complicated red tape. The Republican Party I stand for isn’t going to legislate your life because as Americans we believe you know best how to live it. The Republican Party I stand for does not attack the Democratic Party as though they are the enemy. We simply show how our policies make better financial sense and contribute to a better America.

My name is Jack Cameron. I’m a writer and this speech was written as something I’d love to hear a Republican say but doubt I ever will. This is why I’m voting for Obama in November. It’s why my Dad, who has traditionally voted Republican is voting for Obama. It’s a fictional speech about something real. It’s what’s wrong with the Republican Party and a hint of what they could do to fix that. Thank you for reading.

–          Jack Cameron


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