The Time To Accept Gay Marriage Is Now

For those of you who haven’t yet, I’m here to tell you that it’s time to accept the gay community. It’s time to accept that their relationships are every bit as valid as any heterosexual relationship. It’s time to accept that ‘marriage’ means whatever consenting adults decide it means. I know this might be difficult. There are a fair amount of you who really want things to be how they were in the 1950s. That’s why I’m here to help you see that all of your arguments against the gay community no longer apply.

It Was Never the 1950s

First off, the 1950s archetype that so many ultra-conservatives cling to never actually existed. Well it did, but only for certain people. Things were not so good if you were black. Things were also not so good if you were a woman. And things were definitely not so good if you were gay. In fact, things were only ‘good’ for white heterosexual men. And maybe you’re a white, heterosexual man and you’re thinking, “Well, good for me then! That’s what I want.” Okay, fine, but you have to ask yourself if your ideal world is one where everyone who isn’t the same gender, the same race, and the same sexual orientation as you is oppressed and denied rights so that you can have a better life. If that’s really the sort of person you are, there’s a word for that. And it’s not a nice one.

Religion Is Not An Excuse For Bigotry

Many religions encourage men and women to get together and have lots and lots of babies (through their insistence on not using birth control and opposing abortion under all circumstances.)There’s a reason for that. More babies means more children in the church which eventually means more adults in the church with means more money coming in on Sunday. You can argue that this is not the motive of the church but you can’t argue that it hasn’t been the result. Catholicism didn’t become big because they were right. They became big because they said having many children was your duty. So from that perspective the problem with gay couples isn’t so much the gayness, it’s the lack of making babies.

As America is supposedly a Christian nation, I’ll point out a couple of things. One is that Jesus never said one word about gay people. Not one. If gay people and gay marriages are such an abomination to God, why is it that when His Son shows up, he doesn’t mention it once during his 32 years of life? The other is that I’m not the first to notice that Christianity actually has no real reason to be against the gay community. It turns out Prof. John Boswell of Yale’s History Department found extensive evidence of gay marriages accepted by the Christian Church as far back as the 10th and 11th centuries. The bigotry against gay couples is not a founding principle of the Christian Church. If you are a Christian against gay marriage your religion does not protect your bigotry. It also proves that there’s no traditions being broken by accepting gay marriage as just ‘marriage’. It’s time to get with the times. Even if those times are from a thousand years ago.

Gay Marriage Is Not An Attack On Heterosexual Marriage Unless Someone In A Heterosexual Marriage Is Gay

Conservative groups have called Obama’s recent endorsement of gay marriage a ‘War On Marriage’. This makes no sense as letting other people get married does nothing to people who are already married. I’ve been married for over five years. The marital status of anyone besides my wife and I has never been a threat to my marriage and I don’t think I’m alone in that. There are people who are married and have sex with other people. There are people who get married to multiple wives or husbands at the same time. There are people of the same sex who get married. None of these things diminishes (or increases for that matter) the bond I have with my wife because they aren’t part of my marriage. The only conceivable way I can see the legalization of gay marriage impacting a heterosexual marriage is if there is a homosexual who wants out of his or her straight marriage and if that’s the case, more power to him or her.

Being Gay Is As Much A Choice As Liking Scotch Is A Choice

I love Scotch. Give me a good single malt at least twelve years old with a tiny ice cube or two in it and I’m happy. One could argue that this is due to my being Scottish. One could say it’s just my personal taste. Truthfully, I don’t know what it is and I’m me so if anyone should know, I should, right? What I’m getting at here is I can tell you dozens of reasons why I like something. But what I’m really doing is just telling you different aspects that are attractive to me. Why are they attractive? I don’t know. What I do know is that if you told me I couldn’t like Scotch or that it was my choice to like Scotch, I would tell you that you’re crazy. People who are attracted to the same sex are the same way. It’s not a choice. We like what we like and that’s what makes us us. If you don’t like that, well that’s what makes you you.

Just Because You Don’t Like Something Doesn’t Make It Unnatural

There are those who say that homosexuality is unnatural. These are the same people who would have told you 40 years ago that interracial couples are unnatural. The truth is that homosexual mating happens in hundreds of other species besides humans. There’s nothing unnatural about it. It may not be something you are into. It may not be something you want to see. I’m not a fan of large people in spandex but I don’t feel the need to act as though they’ve committed a crime against nature.

The Time Has Come

I am not old enough to remember the women’s movement or the Civil Rights movement. But I do remember when being openly gay was not considered an option. I remember when being openly gay was spoken of in the same way people speak of drug addicts and child molesters. I remember meeting openly gay couples for the first time and finding that there really wasn’t anything wrong with them at all. I remember losing my bigotry that I had developed simply because that was the culture. The culture has changed. I’m proud of this fact. I’m proud of our President for endorsing gay marriage. Just as I’m disgusted (but sadly not shocked) at statements like Rand Paul saying he didn’t think Obama “couldn’t get any gayer.”  Because apparently in Paul’s mind being gay is still an insult. Mitt Romney and Ron Paul have been clear about their opposition to gay marriage. They’ve stood up for bigots in the same way Obama has stood up for gay marriage.  The Presidential election is about a lot more than gay marriage, but when faced with the selection of a President who endorses equality or a candidate who, if not a bigot is at least courting bigoted voters, it seems like a simple answer to me. I hope it does for you too.

It’s time to grow up and get over your prejudices. Gay couples aren’t going to destroy the fabric of our society. It’s not going to lead to people marrying animals. It’s going to lead to people marrying people. Saying that accepting gay marriage is some sort of slippery slope is like saying drinking alcohol is a gateway to drinking gasoline. No one is going to think less of you if you accept the gay community. Nothing bad will happen to you. It will not suddenly make you gay. It will mean you’ve grown and changed. And change is the mark of a mature human being.

–          Jack Cameron


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