There Is No Conspiracy

In Las Vegas they thought that maybe having drunk people near naked women was a bad idea. So they made a law that strip clubs could not serve alcohol if the strippers were going to get totally naked. Then someone pointed out that it wasn’t right that women under the age of 21, who could not legally drink, should work in strip clubs where alcohol is served. The result is that if you’re in a strip club in Vegas and the girl gets totally naked, odds are she’s under 21.

A conspiracy nut might say that this was some lawmaker’s elaborate way to get 18 year olds to take it all off, rather than working in a topless club. Of course this isn’t true. This is just a combination of events resulting in a certain consequence. Before I go too far into what I see happening with this country or the world, I want to be clear that as much as I love conspiracies, I don’t believe in a gigantic conspiracy to destroy the Middle Class. I believe there are groups and individuals who see profit in activities that may result in the Middle Class having difficulty maintaining their lifestyle.

The purpose of these posts is to point out things I believe are part of the problem. These are both overt and coincidental things that cause people to spend more money for less. I’m also going to try to provide alternatives and solutions to these things. Unlike a lot of my projects, I haven’t planned this one out, so I can’t tell you what’s all going to show up here or where we’re going from here.

I am currently making more money than I’ve ever made before and yet I’m still struggling to make my bills every month. I don’t think I’m alone in this. And I don’t think I’m alone in thinking this isn’t how it should be. I only have so much control over how much money I make, but I have complete control on how to make my life and standard of living better than it is.  And while I’m doing it, I think it makes sense to show you as well. Because I’ll tell you the first way that a country without the Middle Class works: we share. We stop worrying about if I believe in the same political party or same God as you. Instead, let’s recognize that odds are, regardless of who you are or what life you’ve made for yourself, you’d like to know how to survive with less. Just in case.

The truth is that they are not out to get us. There is no big conspiracy. The Powers That Be do not care about you. Ask the people of New Orleans about Katrina if you don’t believe that to be true. Hopefully we’ll both learn a thing or two. And hopefully, we’ll have fun while we’re doing it.

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One last thing, if you like what you read here, please share it. I’m not spending any time marketing this site. So people who find it are likely friends or friends of friends.

–          Jack Cameron

One thought on “There Is No Conspiracy

  1. G’Day! Jackcameron,
    Maybe a little off topic, however, Ron Paul cult members are obviously so well-imformed about everything*. They have special reality-detection abilities that the average American does not possess, so pay close attention when they speak.
    I call their “gift” the “Timothy McVeigh Factor.” It’s like a sixth-sense for liberty.

    Stupid Obama voters would be wise to heed the conspiracy youtube videos.

    *everything found in conspiracy theorists’ blogs and youtube videos
    BTW great blogpost

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