Conspiracy Theory

My son and I have been watching X-Files. I think the best movie of last year was Inception. I recently reread all of the issues of Marvel’s Secret Warriors. My point here is that when it comes to fiction, I absolutely love conspiracy theories. However, the key thing with a conspiracy theory is that it has to make sense.

So when I hear people saying that the recent killing of Osama bin Laden didn’t really happen or that it was faked or that he really died years ago, I have to ask the relatively simple question: Does it make sense? Does it make sense that President Obama, Leon Panetta, Seal Team Six, and a random contractor in Afghanistan all got together and decided to fake bin Laden’s death?

Let’s say you think Osama bin Laden’s death has been faked and that he’s still alive? How does this help Obama or anyone else in the United States given that the first thing that Al Qaida and Osama bin Laden would do is release yet another one of his tapes saying he was NOT in fact dead? And once those tapes are authenticated any benefit that Obama or anyone else received would be gone. So it doesn’t make any sense. Why go to all that trouble if it can all be destroyed by someone who has a vested interest in destroying it?

So, I think it’s fairly clear that anyone in their right mind knows that one way or another Osama bin Laden is dead.

Now, let’s say that Osama bin Laden was already dead. He died of renal failure. He was killed by Pakistanis. He was killed by Elvis. Whatever. So he’s dead, but it’s not an American bullet to the head so just to get people to shout “U-S-A.” If that’s the case, then as long as his body doesn’t show up anywhere and (these are smart people so they’re going to make sure that doesn’t happen), they can literally announce his death whenever they want to. And as Commander in Chief, we’d have to assume Obama would have the choice of when to begin the conspiracy. So why on earth would he choose NINETEEN MONTHS before the election?

It’s all well and good to be skeptical, but it’s a whole other thing to be stupid about it. No one goes to all the trouble of creating a conspiracy without there being some sort of benefit and there simply isn’t one.

–          Jack Cameron


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