Ruin Your Life For Less Than Ever Before

A while back, I published Ruin Your Life. I’ve frequently called it a book celebrating all the mistakes of my twenties. The feedback I got on the book was amazing. It was all positive. People in the military liked it. People in prison liked it. Ex-girlfriends liked it. My wife liked it. My dad wanted it out of his house. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t all positive, but my point is that this is a book that people have gone out of their way to talk to me about and that makes me very happy.

Ruin Your Life while both fun and funny was a very personal book for me and so I wanted to have complete control of it. That’s why I chose to self-publish it. Don’t worry, it’s not chock full or formating and grammatical errors. I got an editor and I made sure all my margins were right.There were really only two problems with going the self-publishing route.

One was that any and all marketing has to be done by me and my limited budget. I’ve had to get a bit creative on this and I’m doing my best to spread the word. (This means if you like the book, please tell your friends and your friend’s friends.)

The other was that due to printing costs, I had to sell my book for honestly more than I thought it was worth. When it first came out, copies of my book were $15.95. It’s a 240 page paperback. I thought that price was at least $3.00 more expensive than it should have been, but any less and I would have lost money on every copy I sold. On the bright side, I still sold a couple hundred copies even at that price. A few months ago, my printing costs went down and I was able to knock it down to $12.95. I felt much more comfortable with that and the sales reflected the more reasonable price.

Now I’m proud to announce that I am able to lower the price even further. You can now buy new copies of Ruin Your Life for $9.95 each. This is the price I’ve always thought Ruin Your Life should sell at. In facet, I’m so confident that Ruin Your Life is worth $9.95 that if you buy a copy from me and you don’t feel it’s worth it, send it back and I will REFUND THE PRICE OF THE BOOK to you.

Then again, maybe you’re one of those people who doesn’t buy something even with a money back guarantee. Well, in that case, just click the Ruin Your Life tab above and you can read the entire book for FREE online.

I’ll be honest. I have no expectation to get rich off this book. I’ve got a day job and I don’t have trouble paying my bills. What I want is people to read and enjoy my book. And I’m much more afraid of obscurity than I am of piracy. So read and share Ruin Your Life. Tell your friends. If you end up hating it, tell your enemies. Write up a review of the book and I’ll post a link to it on this site.

Thanks for the interest and thanks for reading.


Ruin Your Life is now $9.95.

Buy it from me and I’ll refund the price of the book if you don’t like it and return the book.

Don’t want to buy the book and still want to read it? You can click the Ruin Your Life tab above and read the .pdf version for FREE.

-Jack Cameron


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