The Sound of Silence

Whenever I’m working on a project, I occasionally will send out little experiments to a handful of people just to see what the reaction will be. So last week I sent out a very short piece that was basically in the ‘voice’ that I want to write my second novel (yes, I’m not done with the first but I like to plan ahead). Usually my group of readers (aka friends who tell me the truth rather than just saying ‘it’s good’) would get back to me after a day or two. It’s been a week and none of them have responded at all. This is a first.

This of course has made me stop asking ‘is it any good?’ and start asking a thousand other questions. Is it all coincidence? Are they all too busy? Did I break my readers? What have I done? Should I have taken out the masturbation scene?

I have no idea what’s up and I’m almost afraid to ask them.



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