Casino Royale Review

Ask someone who James Bond is and they’re likely to tell you Sean Connery. And they’re not wrong. Almost no one will say Roger Moore and for good reason. Some people might say Pierce Brosnan. And now there are people who’d say Daniel Craig. (Yes, I know there were others, but that’s not what this is about.) James Bond has been reinvented so many times that I’ve honestly lost interest in the entire franchise. This is why it was only this past weekend that I saw the most recent incarnation of Casino Royale.


Given all the of the different actors who’ve played James Bond, I prefer to think that James Bond is just the code name that MI-6 gives whoever they designate as 007. So in my head, all James Bond movies take place in the same world and all previous Bonds were killed off screen. Anyway, whether you assume that or that this is just a fresh new universe for James Bond, the new Casino Royale is pretty good.


It starts off with a parcore chase that’s just fun to watch. I learned about parcore and in recent weeks and love the concept of it. Daniel Craig actually makes a good spy. He’s not all that cute and he actually looks like he would have no problem killing you which is something that’s been missing since the days of Sean Connery.


The plot is almost universal it’s been used so much, but they play with it a bit here and it’s good fun. This Bond movie probably reinvents Bond on the same level that Batman Begins reinvented Batman. It’s a good thing and it’s grounded in a much more realistic world.


Casino Royale is good. The problem is it’s just that. I had fun watching it and they did a good job with a lot of stunts and whatnot but really, at the end of the day, any of the Jason Bourne movies are better. Given that, I’m about as excited for the next Bond movie as I was for this one: I’ll likely see it when it’s free on demand.


The other major problem with Casino Royale is that they seemed to not know when to end it. The movie seemed to have three or four points where you’re expecting credits to roll but they don’t. This made the two and a half hour movie seem like three and a half hours. I don’t mind a long drawn out movie, but this one just wasn’t paced quite right.


Anyway, it’s still a hell of a lot better than the last few Bond movies so I’ve got to give it credit for that.



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