My son recently had some trouble at school. The next morning I called my son’s principal. She said that she was ‘thrilled’ that I was so ‘involved’ in my son’s school life. It turns out that she’s much more used to parent’s not being involved. At all.


I used to work for the police department doing police records. One day a month I typed up Child Protective Services reports. I have typed up the worst things people can do with children. I have read reports of children being used in ways most people wouldn’t use their favorite hammer. I know that there are very bad people out there who do very bad things that should never be condoned or forgiven.


I am a very active parent and I am acutely aware of the fact that not all parents are. What bothers me is the fact that apparently the majority of parents are not like me. Parents complain that video games, the kind of music they listen to, the violent movies they watch, are the reasons for bad kids doing bad things, when in fact the place to look most often is in the mirror. Sure, there are bad kids out there that would probably be bad no matter what, but the fact still remains that ignoring a child is the best way to create that nightmare kid nobody wants to have.


Being a parent is not like being a pet owner. You can’t just go to work, come home, feed it, go to bed, and repeat.



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