Holy Shit (Okay, Actually Religious Shit)

As you may notice, you can leave comments on any of these posts. Last night, someone did just that. You don’t see it because I didn’t approve it. Every time I think of taking comment approval off, someone like the guy last night writes in.  

It’s said that if you want to start controversy, all you have to do is talk about religion or politics. The reason people say this is because if you want to find the outright whack jobs in this world, you’ll find them heavily involved in one or both of these things.

So I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that someone wrote in to tell me I was wrong, but I was surprised. I guess I just assumed that insinuating that people who bomb abortion clinics are bad was a safe enough thing to say. I was wrong. Someone left a comment that went on at length about how I’m a horrible baby killer and that people who bomb abortion clinics are heroes. This guy was about as Christian as Osama is Muslim. They both claim to be that, but really aren’t at all. And everyone with a brain knows it. 

I can understand the anti-abortion crowd. I get that. What I don’t get is where they say killing doctors who perform abortions is okay in one breath and say all life is precious in the next. That’s hypocritical psychotic thinking and it’s not the sort of thing I want to encourage and that’s why you won’t see his comment here or have me mention his website.  

Hate isn’t a value. It’s just hate. And using your faith to shield your hate is about the worst kind of cowardice I can think of. 

Assuming standard Christian doctrine is right, you simply can’t call yourself a Christian and advocate blowing up buildings without really pissing off the guy upstairs.

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