Special Comment (About Comments)

Since I began this site I’ve received feedback from everyone from friends and family of homicide victims to reporters to people just interested in the city of Tacoma. I try to respond to anyone who writes me and I do appreciate the feedback.

I started this site to shine a light on Tacoma as a city in general and on Tacoma’s crime rate specifically. I decided to chronicle the homicides that occurred in the city because I wanted to show that Tacoma really isn’t as dangerous as everyone seems to think it is and because those unfortunate few who are murdered deserve more than just a quick blurb in the newspaper that’s forgotten in a few days.

I’ve known two people in my life who were murdered. One is unsolved and his killer is still out there somewhere. I can understand the pain and suffering that greiving family and friends have when they lose a loved one. And I know how that pain can turn to rage when someone feels that justice has not balanced the scales of the loss.

Recently a comment was made on this site that I felt necessary to remove. I understood and appreciated the comment, but I feel that others might see it as threatening. While I personally don’t think the comment was made with the intention of advocating violence, I was afraid that others might see it differently. And I didn’t want the writer of the comment to get into trouble.

 This site may speak a lot about the violence that happens in this City of Destiny, but at no time will this site advocate, condone, or appear to instigate violence. If anything, I want this site to illustrate the horrible consequences of violence and the damage it does not to just the victims but their friends and families as well.

Another thing I’d like to touch on that I don’t think gets talked about nearly enough is the friends and families of murderers. These people experience a loss as well and I think it’s largely ignored by society. Of course I believe that murderers should be punished for their crimes and I’m not saying otherwise. I’m just saying that when it comes to violent crime, there are often more victims than you might think.

Ultimately what I want to get across here is that this site is for the world to look in on the city of Tacoma. I’d like it to be a positive thing. I applaud and encourage comments regarding homicide cases. Especially from those who knew these people personally. What I’d like to avoid are comments that can be seen as angry or threatening. This is a place to show who these people are and were. It’s not a place for vengeance or even justice. This site is here to show the world the people of Tacoma. Feel free to help me do that any way you see fit.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Special Comment (About Comments)

  1. thankyou for raising the issue of families of murderers aswell…it is incredibly hard for them to get any positive or sympathetic recognition. do you know of any support groups for the families of murderers?

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